3 am Ghost – The Bloody Mary

“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”

Bloody Mary, The Word which has Taken many Lives in the world. Sometimes it’s unbeleivable to know how a word can kill people.


Bloody Mary is a very old, very frightening game—and not particularly pleasant! Some say Bloody Mary refers to the English queen known for having heretics burned, beheaded, or otherwise treated unkindly. Others say she was a princess, murdered in front of her mirror. Does the game Bloody Mary really call this darkly haunted spirit, or is it just powerful imagination playing tricks on the gullible? There’s only one way to find out for sure. Curious? If you’re brave enough, we’ll show you how to play, but be forewarned: you may never be the same!


  1. 1. Understand the origins of Bloody Mary.

If you know a little historical background, you’ll have a better idea what you might expect, and what first-aid supplies you should keep on hand. This game’s origins are lost in the mists of time, so the stories we are left with in the twenty-first century are varied and mysterious. However, it is enlightening to understand the thoughts behind the scares,  To know the story of Bloody Mary follow the link Bloody Mary – The Woman Behind The Mirror

Bloody Mary – The Women Behind the Mirror

2. Gather your tokens.

Since you are reading this step, it is assumed that you have reached the point of no return and convinced everyone that this game is worth playing for a few scares and thrills. Begin by assembling the items that you will need: a candle, a bathroom with a mirror, some friends (preferably including at least one who screams well), and a cell phone: you never know what could happen!

  • You want to make sure you have at least one other person playing. Some people prefer having only one person go into the bathroom to increase tension in all the players. If you’re playing the game this way, do not lock the bathroom door. That way, if someone wants to leave quickly, they do not freak out when they cannot open the door.


3. Setting Up The Room

The next step in the ritual is to make sure that the room is set up in a way that will ensure that the border between the physical world and the spiritual world is thin. Most paranormal researchers agree that a darkened room reduces the energy that a spirit requires in order to appear. Secondly, lit candles seem to add spiritual energy to a room and often provide a spirit with the additional energy it needs to materialize. Finally, no one is positive if the phantom that appears is truly evil, so it’s important to use a special incantation to protect yourself from any evil that may materialize. Taking these factors into account, setting up the bathroom as follows will help encourage the entity to appear during the ritual, and that the person practicing the ritual will be protected from harm.

  • The ritual must be performed exactly at midnight.
  • Turn off all of the lights in the bathroom and the lights in any hallway or room outside the bathroom.
  • Light one or two candles and place them on the bathroom counter near the sink, under the mirror.


When ready, it’s time to slowly repeat the following chant thirteen times (some people claim three repetitions are enough) in a row while staring at her own eyes in the mirror.

“Bloody Mary (thinking “one”)…bloody Mary (“two”)…bloody Mary (“three”)…”

According to those who believe in this ritual, upon reaching the thirteenth bloody Mary, an actual female spirit will materialize directly behind the person looking into the mirror. For many people, it first appears as a vague shape, but in only moments the figure of Mary, with her terrifyingly disfigured face, allegedly becomes very clear.

4.   Rules for Ending the Game

At this point, if your friend sees that she has summoned a real spirit, she will most likely scream. No matter what, never keep your friend locked in the bathroom. One claim is that some people have gone insane from the effects of prolonged terror after seeing this female ghost appear behind them. Immediately enter the bathroom with your friends and turn on the lights. According to most stories, it’s at this point that the ghost will disappear.


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