Is Your House Haunted???? Part 2

16 Signs That Your House Is Haunted



  • Lights turning off and on – Likewise, these events are seldom experienced as they occur. Rather, the lights are switched on or off when the house’s resident knows they were not left that way. This can also happen with TVs, radios and other electrically powered items.
  • Strange animal behavior – A dog, cat or other pet behaves strangely. Dogs may bark at something unseen, cower without apparent reason or refuse to enter a room they normally do. Cats may seem to be “watching” something cross a room. Animals have sharper senses than humans, and many researchers think their psychic abilities might be more finely tuned also. (See “Animals and Ghosts” )
  • Mild psychokinetic phenomena – Hearing a door open or close is one thing. Actually seeing it happen is quite another. Similarly, actually seeing a light go on or off by itself is greater proof that something unexplained is happening. Do you see the TV or radio turn on? Perhaps you’re present when a child’s powered toy begins to operate on its own. Doors and windows are locked or unlocked. Some people report that when they are in bed they can feel and/or hear something sitting on the bed.
  • Feelings of being touched – Feeling an unexplained touch is truly unsettling. Some people may feel something brush past them, a light brush of their hair, or a “hand” on the shoulder. Some feel a gentle poke, push or nudge.



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